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    One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” – Lucille Ball

    The truth and reality of any cycle is a combination of negative, challenging realities, but also positive, inspiring and encouraging trends that come out of them.

    At the moment here is the list of challenges we are living through and facing.

    • A dismal job and employment report.
    • Are we still in a recession or not.
    • Political party parity stalling everything.
    • A roller coaster stock market.
    • An extended dim economic cycle.
    • Another devastating storm season.

    Yet given all of this, people all around are also finding solutions, making progress, money and making a difference.

    Regardless of what is going on outside of us, most of which is not in our control, we still need to live, make money, be in business and make lemonade out of lemons. Looking for the opportunities and silver linings for ourselves in especially challenging times is the only way we innovate and grow. We all need to become more selective with our time, more willing with our resources and more proactive in how we use them.

    Here are 5 fundamentals that can shape and move business no matter what cycle business is in.

    1) Using New Technologies and Platforms

    Are you and your business relevant? Are you keeping up with all of the platforms today that can greatly improve your process, perception and delivery? Quick-Books, Email Marketing, data management, organization, social media, hiring, training. Visit smallbiztrends.com for the latest tools, tips and technologies for small business!

    2) Continuing Business and Skills Education

    Keep up and learn everything you need to about your field, industry and trends, which are changing at warped speed today. Go to some selective classes workshops, and certification events. Check out the sba.gov, techstreet.com for some virtual and live classes.

    3) In Person Networking

    The magic happens in person! Are you getting out enough to meet people and make personal connections? Be selective but GO to conferences, chamber events, professional organizations and meet-up! Don’t get lulled into thinking Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts are as personal as meeting in person.

    4) Refining Your Brand and Branding

    Changing times often require changing and refreshing your brand and branding. The only way to really get noticed, stand out and get attention is to have a clear, defined brand value statement and consistently participate in all of the branding activites that put you and keep you out there. Are you blogging? Have you updated your website? Some of the leading personal branding thought leaders write weekly right here at this blog: Personalbrandingblog.com.

    5) Smart Strategic Alliances

    Make a commitment to find smart and mutual strategic alliances. Building, finding and nurturing tribes and communites is how we grow our reach and relationships with like minded and spirited people. Today is about niches, smaller is better. Finding a smaller group that is more responsive and interested is MUCH better than a big group 80% of which don’t care.

    “Go back to and stay in the basics and fundamentals” is what I usually hear from my mentors and Yogis when things sometimes get off track for me. It’s a great reminder. What the basics and fundamentals may be at a given time might change, but their process is timeless.

    What are some of your fundamentals and trends that shape and move your business today?


    Deborah Shane is an author, media host, speaker, writer and branding strategist. She hosts her Toolbox Blog and is in her third year of hosting a weekly business radio show called Deborah Shane’s Metropolis that has over 32K downloads! She is a regular contributor to several national business, career and marketing blogs and websites. Her new book Career Transition-make the shift is available on Amazon.com and all major book sellers. Deborah delivers smart, no-nonsense ideas and solutions, which make her a popular go-to resource for clients, national media and influential blogs.  Visit her at www.deborahshane.com.

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