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    businessman with white chartAs social media continues to evolve it is important to connect your personal brand to its followers in a way that builds trust. In order to convert leads into sales you need to build an authentic community.

    How can your brand convert fans and followers into sales with social media? Through targeted strategies, original content, and daily communication. Posting your articles, images and videos is not enough to build relationships online, but instead it’s being an active participant with your audience.

    Social media is all about meeting the needs and desires of your target market, and forging lasting relationships. Here are several ways to build your personal brand and increase your bottom line.

    Building Trust and Relationships

    Smart social selling for your personal brand begins with a daily and well-planned strategy for your target market. Start these steps today to make better connections:

    • Get the word out – Share your content across all of your active social networks, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Make a plan to publish at least three articles a week in order to begin the process of building a reputation and connecting with a wider audience.
    • Engage with your Fans and followers – Social media is a communication platform where people search for information, ask questions, and provide feedback. Follow up each day with your audience, which will help promote your content and support word of mouth marketing.
    • Find trending hashtags – Research the appropriate keywords that are trending on social media for your niche, and include these with your posts and tweets. This helps build traffic to your website, and increases your shares and re-tweets.
    • Know your target market – Pay attention to what your audience looks like with solid research. This is especially important when it comes to their location. Use analytics tools, which are available on the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Make adjustments to your strategy as you test different campaigns and their responses.

    As social media becomes the main place for sales and customer service your brand should be focused on building authentic and trusted relationships. By staying in communication with your leads and customers you can attract a larger following for lasting and sustained growth.

    Susan Gilbert uses her laser focus knowledge to coach and provide online marketing and social sharing programs for authors, speaker, experts and small businesses. She is the author and publisher of several books including “The Land of I Can,” and “KLOUT SCORE: Social Media Influence, How to Gain Exposure and Increase Your Klout,” Susan combines online marketing with strategic thinking to create successful programs. Working most often with authors and entrepreneurs, she understands promotion at a personal level as a regularly quoted resource in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine and many more. Follow her Digital Marketing Tips at her blog: SusanGilbert.com

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