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  • Staying In Touch

    Last week I wrote about the importance of physical touch. To follow that you should figuratively stay in touch as well.

    Whatever your connections are with people, it’s important to periodically touch base with them. It takes less than five minutes to reach out in the following ways:

    • Phone and comment on research, an article, a book, or whatever you found that would be of interest.
    • Send a copy of research, an article, or a book.
    • Phone to give a compliment on a business success.
    • Send an article that you wrote.
    • E-mail an inquiry as to whether the person was affected by the flood or snowstorm that hit his or her area.
    • Contact the person’s secretary or administrative assistant with something of benefit.
    • Phone or e-mail to ask for an opinion on something you’re working on.

    You get the idea. The list is endless.

    About once a month, I receive an article of interest from Paul Schlossberg. He’s the CEO of D/FW Consulting, and he travels a lot. On his flights, he seemingly reads every magazine published, and he constantly clips articles to send to people in his community of contacts. One of his secrets is that he has envelopes pre-addressed and stamped in his briefcase, so when he sees an article, it takes about three seconds to send it out.

    Another person who knows how to make himself a valuable source is Eric Weissmann. When I finished interviewing him for a book I was writing he asked this simple but great question: “Is there anyone you still need to interview for the book? Is there someone I could introduce you to?” Comments about such assistance is a sure way to win someone over.

    Mary Mandell says that every time someone asks for her help or advice, she goes out of her way to give it to them. Every time a headhunter calls, she “always, always” returns the call and gives a referral. “I’ll even refer people I don’t know if I think it will help them.” She adds, “I always ask how the recruiter found me, too.” That way she can follow up with the person who passed along her name.

    People like Schlossberg, Weissmann, and Mandell really get it.

    As you can see, there are plenty of ways to create connections on your own daily and weekly – to reach out and touch someone.

    D.A. (Debra) Benton has been helping great individuals and organizations get even better for over 20 years. Just as exceptional athletes rely on excellent coaching to hone their skills, Debra's clients rely on her advice to advance their careers. She focuses on what is truly important to convert what you and your organization want to be from a vision into a reality. TopCEOCoaches.com ranks her in the World's Top 10 CEO Coaches noting she is the top female. And as conference keynote speaker she is routinely rated in the top 2%. Her client list reads like a “Who's Who” of executives in companies ranging from Microsoft, McDonald's, Kraft, American Express, Merrill Lynch, United Airlines, and PricewaterhouseCoopers to the Washington Beltway and U.S.Border Patrol. *She is the author of ten award-winning and best-selling business books including The Virtual Executive and CEO Material. She has written for the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Fast Company. She has been featured in USA Today, Fortune, The New York Times, and Time; she has appeared on Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and CBS with Diane Sawyer. To learn more Debra advising leaders, coaching, facilitating a workshop, or speaking: www.debrabenton.com

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