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    Are You Ready To Work FILO Hours?

    Holiday ecommerce

    I think most new employees expect this.

    I think most experienced employees are ready to commit.

    I know every entrepreneur lives this.

    It doesn’t take a lot of thinking to realize that First In Last Out hours, aka FILO Hours, are expected and de rigueur when starting a career or transitioning roles.

    You’ve gotta put …

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    How to Use Double Time to Increase Successful Outcomes

    Double Time may not mean what you think it means.

    Most people think of double time to mean do things twice as fast. Which is what it means if you are in the military. However, in this case I’m suggesting a way for you to increase the likelihood of a successful outcomes. In this case …

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    Two Breakthrough Ideas That Changed My Life

    Keeping up with information these days is like sipping through the proverbial fire hydrant. You don’t need to check your Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, etc…..you already know what’s building up on the other side.

    An avalanche of knowledge

    That’s right, when the circle stops spinning or the screen is fully loaded – BAM – the …

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