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    The 8 Enemies to Success

    Negativity can not be ignored. Just because someone points out that there is something amiss, doesn’t make that person a negative person.  When someone says, “Our healthcare system is broken,” that is not being negative.  It’s an opinion where one is stating the facts as he or she sees it.  When a person says, “There …

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    The Life Changing Question

    Fact: If you don’t have goals and aspirations for yourself, you will be destined to live everyday of your life helping others achieve their goals and aspirations at the expense of your own.  Said differently, if you do not have passionate and exciting goals for you and your family, you will live your entire life …

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    Are Your Expectations Too Low?

    You get what you expect

    John was dying.  He knew he had months at most to live and, at age 68, he evaluated his life for the first time.  He remembered a quote from a book he read years ago by Neale Donald Walsch that went, “Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 50, most …

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    Why Does Everyone Have To Be “Right”

    Is it true that schools now contract police during Debate Classes because each party to the debate is so intense; so confident that they are correct, that if they don’t win the debate or get the other side to accept their views, violence will break out?   Has the United States crossed the line where each …

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