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    How to Brand Yourself as an Ad Agency

    How to Brand Yourself as an Ad Agency

    How do startups, established companies, and even influencers get more traction, close deals, and build buzz? Many partner with ad agencies to help them spread their messaging and get them a serious lift. In fact, ad agencies frequently play essential roles when it comes to helping businesses profit and scale digitally and offline.

    In the …

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    Use These 4 Tips to Expand Your Personal Brand on Instagram

    Social Media Instagram

    Having a smart mobile marketing strategy is an important part of building your personal brand online. Leveraging your social networks to their fullest potential is also important for visibility.

    Instagram is one of the most widely used networks today that can help build a larger audience and following online, making it a must-engage tool for …

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    How Branded Vehicles Can Boost Business

    Car Branding Marketing

    Any business, no matter how big or small depends on its marketing ability and advertising. You can have the greatest product, but it’s worthless if people do not know how to find your business. The necessity of brand recognition and expansion plays a major role in successful advertising.

    The most successful marketing plans and strategies …

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    How Amazon Giveaways Can Grow Your Personal Brand

    Amazon is the premier place for publishing books and now promoting brand products. Your personal brand can greatly benefit from their giveaway program with your own contests. It takes the right strategy and research to make this successful for your business.

    Are you struggling with not enough sales? There are literally millions of products to …

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    “Priceless” Leadership: An Interview with Kevin Allen

    Recently, I had the chance to connect with Kevin Allen, the pitchman behind MasterCard’s now iconic “Priceless” campaign and author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller, The Hidden Agenda. In Allen’s newest book, The Case of the Missing Cutlery, he discusses his journey to becoming a leader. Specifically, he recalls his time as a young …

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