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    7 Essential Tips for Better Storytelling

    The best storytellers lead the tribe.

    The best stories are short.

    The best stories are memorable.

    The best stories are actionable.

    239 Years Ago

    There was a story ready to be told. It was short, it was powerful. It was worth fighting for. Of course, I’m referring to the story that lead to the creation …

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    Top 10 Reasons Steve Jobs Will Be Missed By Apple Employees

    As the world mourns the loss of Apple’s iconic founder, Steve Jobs, we are reminded of what an innovative and dynamic leader he was through the memories and words of those who knew best – the employees at Apple.

    When Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple this past August, he left the tech giant …

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    To Hell With Dell: Inside Apple’s Sexy, Booming Brand

    A few months ago I noticed something change in my relationship. We’d been together for nearly three years and then slowly there were new feelings developing. I did my best to stay true and loyal but, I have to admit, the other one had such sex appeal. I got more and more excited every time …

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    Reinvent Your Brand the Steve Jobs Way

    Five principles that can help you jump-start your career, revitalize your brand, and win new business.

    The global recession and mass layoffs have forced many people to reconsider their careers and life choices. In too many cases, their jobs simply don’t exist anymore. In these turbulent times, where does one turn for personal branding advice? …

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    A Lesson in Personal Branding from Apple

    To many, Apple is more than just a company – it’s an institution. I’m not a 100% Apple product consumer, but I’ve sipped some of the Kool-Aid. I’ve always admired the company for it’s innovative thinking, and finally took some time to think about some of the elements of the company that make it so …

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    Steve Jobs’ Mysterious Personal Brand Is Finally Revealed

    While we are on the topic of ego’s, I would like to share a special interview I had with Leander Kahney, who is the News Editor at Wired.com, and the author of the New York Times best seller, Inside Steve’s Brain, about Apple’s unique CEO, Steve Jobs. He’s also author of two award-winning books about …

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