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    Control Your Attitude Or Someone Will Do It For You

    Mad I wore a yellow dress to my mother’s funeral. It caused the wags of the relatives to whisper in disapproval but my mother had instructed me to wear it before she died. She knew I’d be sad and she wanted to remind me to be untroubled and lead a cheerful life like she had taught…
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    Attitude is Everything to Your Boss

    Team meeting

    CEOs tell me about the importance of managing your good attitude:

    “I can easily hire qualified people, but it’s not so easy to find people with a good outlook.”

    “I hire attitude. Skills can be learned. I’ll take good attitude any day.”

    “I can teach people the technical side of the business a lot easier …

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    Project A Good Attitude


    It’s okay to wear an enthusiastic, positive attitude on your sleeve. That’s a constructive and productive point of view when coupled with plans to make it happen. A positive, optimistic approach will improve the outcome of any situation you are in, even if you’re the only one who has one.

    Yes, I know that life …

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    What is a Work Game-face?

    Work Game Face

    You don’t need a wide smile, a snapshot pose, a big ‘ole rubber beam, or a wolfish grin. Rather, you need just a slightly open mouth with a friendly upturn of the lips—a small smile. The demeanor I’m promoting is an undaunted, comfortable-in-your-skin, shiny business game face. Consider the following:

    A shiny face from your…
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    Attitude Edition: The 5 things that can help you succeed

    The Five Things That Can Help You Succeed: the Attitude Edition


    The information is ubiquitous: our attitudes color how we see the world, how we respond to stimuli, and can even affect our health. So how can we cultivate the kind of attitude that helps us succeed at work? Here are five attitude factors …

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    4 Reasons to Reconsider These “Motivational” Phrases

    Two phrases spewed by motivational speakers and “life” coaches drive me crazy.

    When I hear them I want to strangle the messenger.

    They are attributed to a variety of people, so no one really knows the first person to say them. That’s probably a good thing, since those people would probably prefer not to be …

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    Your Attitude: Career Maker or Career Breaker?

    YOU … and the impressions you make on others … are the essence of your personal brand. Do you tend to smile or frown? Slump or stand confidently? Speak positively or negatively? Listen attentively or appear distracted? Do you have control over the impressions you make, or are you unaware of them?

    I have carefully …

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    Hey Mediocrity, You Can Eat Me

    Mediocrity– a disease that is spreading slowly through the ranks of small business owners and professionals across the country. It is infiltrating employees, products, services, and marketing…slowly dissecting and eating away at what YOU have worked so hard to build.

    I see it happening on a daily basis (even in my own company at times). …

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