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    How Sarah Ashcroft Built Her Influencer Brand

    The process through which this influencer, Sarah Ashcroft, built her brand is invaluable for teaching others the procedures and ropes.

    Sarah Ashcroft was one of the first fashion bloggers to emerge on the scene.

    She launched her fashion blog in 2013 because she was an early adopter. She collaborated with two online fashion retailing behemoths in the United Kingdom. Their purpose was to design collections.

    Almost immediately the fashions sold out, demonstrating her ability to …

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    What’s Your Body Language Saying?

    Since we all want to portray ourselves as cool, intelligent, strong, charismatic, principled, caring, and interested in others,  learning  tactics  to make a great first impression is critical. First impressions are so important because they make an indelible mark on how we’re perceived by others. Surprisingly, our  posture, smile, eyes, personal hygiene and the way …

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    The Secrets to Becoming a Respected and Sustained Influencer

    It’s widely believed that those who are in sales and marketing need to know how to be persuasive, but what about the rest of us? Does the general public benefit from knowing more about the dynamics of influence and what it takes to be good at being persuasive and to be weary of those influencers …

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