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    How Quality Presentations Can Give Your Career a Boost

    Conference Meeting

    When was the last time you were required to give a presentation? Can you remember? Presentations are not limited to groups of people sitting around a speaker — they’re part of your everyday life. Each time you pitch an idea, discuss solutions with a client or interact with colleagues, you are presenting. Delivering a low-quality …

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    A Presentation that Reflects Positively on Your Personal Brand

    Knowing how to deliver a good presentation is an important skill for everyone, whether they’re still students or the leaders of an organization. The knowledge that an individual possesses doesn’t make a difference if they don’t know how to convey those thoughts concisely. If you are a small business owner, having a superior product is …

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    Mastering the Room: Give Great Performances, Beyond Just Presentations

    This week, I had the honor of being invited into a setting where aspiring entrepreneurs were pitching their ideas to venture capitalists. I don’t envy the pressure they were under one bit at that particular moment of truth, when they were given a center stage and a captive audience. One by one, they were given …

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