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    Three Personal Branding Secrets for Academics

    People in academia live life more than a little differently from those of us in the business world. Even the rules of personal branding and networking are different. You don’t get tenure based on valuable relationships and what you have done for others. It’s based on publishing, teaching, and committee work.

    But that doesn’t mean …

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    Strong Tactics for Your Personal Brand

    In this time and age where more and more businesses are integrating blogging in their marketing strategies, it becomes harder to stand out, given the hundreds, if not millions, of blog posts published on a daily basis. 

    You must have a blog that contains not only quality content, but also one that’s attractive, and has …

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    Establishing Your Personal Brand and Credibility Through Blogging

    Do you have a portfolio of work that establishes your personal brand and credibility?

    We live in an economy where your current job could disappear today and the competition for your next job will come from around the globe. How does your next employer know that you “know your stuff”?

    No matter the industry or …

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    Five Blogging Lessons Learned From Newspaper Columnists

    If you want to be a thought leader in your field, to be seen as one of its leading authorities, you need to pay special attention to how you blog.

    You can’t just splut out a blog post here and there, and expect people to take you seriously. You also can’t have an overly formal …

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    Writing Is Not Typing

    Unlike most other activities, writing is one of those things you can do when you’re not tapping away at your keyboard. Not sitting in your favorite coffee shop, pen in hand. Not taking notes about your latest blog post or article.

    In fact, writing — “constant writing,” as Jeff Goins calls it — is an …

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    Three Secrets to Writing Better

    So much of what I read these days is utter crap.

    Such useless, boring, turgid, awful crap that I get Qwertyitis planting my face into my keyboard.

    It’s not the topics, it’s not the viewpoint, and it’s not even that I truly couldn’t give a shit about the subject.

    It’s that the writing is so …

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    Know Who You’re Writing To and For

    With the rise of social media, businesses have the opportunity to tap into wider audiences than what was previously possible pre-social. In this regard, knowing your target audience has taken center stage and has become very significant in order to achieve a successful social word of mouth marketing campaign. The ability to connect with your …

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    A ‘Diary’ Culture and Blogging

    Japanese may have been slower at embracing social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, but they quickly jumped on board to blogging when it became popular back in 2002. Since then, Japanese has slightly edged out English in being the dominant language of the blogosphere. Pretty amazing considering that English speakers worldwide outnumber Japanese …

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    5 Ways Your Brand Can Advance Your Career

    Throughout your career, your brand will always be a valuable asset. When you maintain a professional brand, you’re more likely to be noticed by managers. They’ll see your strengths and offer you opportunities as a result.

    Here are five ways to advance your career with your brand:

    Go the extra mile. Your work is important. …

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    Entrepreneurs that Utilize their Online Reputation to Get Customers

    When I first started as an entrepreneur in 2007, my company was called FD Career. Our goal was to build a virtual community to help make the brick and mortar business world more effective and productive. My role within the organization was sales and marketing, and I was in charge of obtaining new clients. My …

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