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    A Book with a Great Author Bio Resonates With Your Brand Followers

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    A Good Work Ethic is Needed Now

    Business Woman Working Online

    Everything I write in any of my books or blogs is for naught if you don’t get the job that you are paid to do successfully completed—and more. It doesn’t impress bosses at all if you just do what is required.

    Stellar work is your personal wealth: your worldly goods, trust fund, gold stash, life …

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    3 Ways Being a Bookworm Translates to Career Success

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    Read the Books Your Parents Read


    Lately I’ve been flashing back to a book I recently read.

    It’s a remembrance of a more genteel time.

    But, it had a chilling effect on my thinking.

    It’s a book my father read.

    I ignored it for many years. Until a friend brought it up. Then I paid attention.

    Why is that? Why did …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Wendy Diamond

    Today, I spoke to Wendy Diamond, who is the founder of Animal Fair, the premier lifestyle magazine and author of It’s a Dog’s World. Wendy is a great example of a someone who has positioned herself as a leading expert in her field. In this interview, Wendy talks about how she’s built a successful animal …

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    How to Avoid the 11 Biggest Mistakes of First-Time Authors

    first-time author

    Writing, books, and personal branding go hand in hand. When you know how to write, and you use that power to write and promote a book, you can change your life, especially as a first-time author.

    Writing and promoting a book opens windows of opportunity–opportunities that would never otherwise show up. As a published author, …

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    8 Ideas to Turn Your Successful Blog into a Book

    If you currently have a successful blog with a moderate fan base of subscribers, you might be considering the benefits of having a book to expand your personal brand. One of the most difficult parts of getting started is figuring out how to market the ideas and blog content you have in book form, without …

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    Tweeting About Being Fired From the New Yorker; Why Journalists Should Take Charge of Their Personal Brand

    All in all, last Friday was probably a good day for Dan Baum.

    The former New Yorker staff writer’s decision to use Twitter to chronicle his unwilling exit from the magazine in 2007 has generated quite a bit of buzz and attracted a few hundred followers to his account.

    At 1:46pm on May 8, Baum …

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    Be Positive About Your Personal Brand

    Today’s post will focus on how having a positive outlook can help you create your personal brand. A large portion of your success can be attributed to your attitude and outlook towards things. Learn how to harness the positive power available to you as you create your personal brand and strive for meeting your other …

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    How to Create Your Personal Brand — Part 1

    My post last Saturday, highlighted how I built my personal brand from scratch and the opportunities that followed. For today’s post, I want to focus on how you can get started building your personal brand so you can receive some awesome opportunities as well.

    What’s required to begin building your personal brand?

    First, let me …

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