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    How Can You Deal with Clashing Brands?

    Your brand is who you are. It includes your strengths, your goals for future, your experiences from the past, your assumptions about the world around you, your reactions you have to what’s going on, as well as your values and your beliefs.

    No wonder that once in a while you get to work with someone …

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    What to Do With Your Brand When in Transition?

    You are a successful professional, known as an expert in your field, and valued in your circles of colleagues and partners. Your brand is solid.

    But now you’re up to something new. Maybe you’ve gone from being an engineer to being a training consultant, from working in a public school system in Europe to working …

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    Brand Shift: Goldman’s Golden Gun

    In May I wrote about branding lessons learned from Goldman Sachs. This company has an illusive communications strategy that is not working very well in 2010 as the ever-evolving “new consumer” is changing the way that companies interact with the public. After a very public legal dispute with the S.E.C. that has taken its toll …

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