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    6 Steps to Personal Branding for Managers

    6 Steps to Personal Branding for Managers

    When you think of businesspeople who have built memorable personal brands, CEOs like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey come to mind. However, CEOs aren’t the only ones who can benefit from personal branding. Anyone in a supervisory role can boost their career through effective personal branding for managers.

    How to Create Personal Branding for Managers…
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    Build Your Personal Brand to be a Recruiter’s Dream Candidate

    Ensure Product Safety and Avoid Recalls

    Have you ever had someone tell you that you need to build a brand for yourself? The idea can be confusing as you may not think of yourself as a brand or an asset, but rather as a person. While this is appropriate, to companies looking to hire individuals, they see employees as assets. You …

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    4 Effective & Novel Tips to Boost Personal Blog Storytelling


    Personal blogs are still very much a trend in 2020. Last year, online blogs reached 500 million in total. For 2020, it’s expected that the number of people with a blog in the U.S. alone will reach almost 32 million. Many of these are personal blogs where people share their experiences and thoughts from a …

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    How to Choose the Right Name for Your Business


    A business name works as a face. You have to keep your face attractive, appealing, and attention-grabbing. Deciding on a name is not a task that you can complete in mere minutes. A business name selection should include lots of research, brainstorming, analysis, and expert guidance. 

    For best results, perform all of the following steps …

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    3 Ways to Recover Your Brand After COVID-19

    International Business Branding

    It would be an understatement to say that small businesses, in particular, have been financially affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Some businesses have been forced to close during the pandemic, others have resorted to furloughing or laying off employees. In one way or another, businesses have been forced to make changes to the business …

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    5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Personal Website

    Personal Website

    Websites aren’t just for businesses. They can also help you make yourself visible. A personal website can become a funnel through which you express yourself, showcase your portfolio, or highlight your areas of expertise.

    People who are considering you for opportunities like speaking engagements, training, freelance gigs, consulting will expect you to have a personal …

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    Personal Branding Tips For Executives In “Boring” Industries

    Building a personal brand is all about capturing attention. If you work in a “boring” industry, it can be tough to communicate the key benefits that differentiate you from competitors. Especially when you work in an industry that’s not usually the topic of conversation or trending on social media.

    Take the VoIP industry, a very …

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    6 Best Personal Branding Speakers of 2020

    Every entrepreneur has a personal brand, but they don’t all build those brands themselves. Those who neglect personal branding are inevitably branded by others.

    Before the media or your competitors have a chance to paint your personal brand, be proactive. If you want to be seen as kind and thoughtful, for example, be generous with …

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    5 Creative Communities That Can Help You Level Up Your Skills

    Fertilizer is to plants what community is to creative professionals. With enough time, water, and sunlight, they grow themselves. But sprinkle on some peer feedback and support, and they grow faster and bigger than ever. Not long ago, finding that community was no easy task. To spot one that specialized in your medium, you had …

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    4 Ways to Plan for Your Business in 2020 and Beyond

    In business, planning for the future is as difficult as it is necessary. Branding your business, just like building your personal brand, means you have to think about the long term. What works in establishing your brand today might feel stale tomorrow. It’s impossible to know what the coming year might hold for your company …

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