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    How to Recession-Proof Your Personal Brand to Thrive in Difficult Times

    The USA, like much of the world, has now officially entered a period of recession thanks to COVID-19. The pandemic has swept across the world and introduced challenges nobody could have foreseen. 

    If you’re like most, you might be worrying about what this situation means for your future. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use …

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    Why Web Design Matters

    The advent of social media has, in no way, undermined the crucial importance of the webpage as the central hub of an integrated online strategy that is worthy of that name for both companies and individuals. If anything, it has underscored its role as the organizing principle behind the disparate social networks, microblogs, pinboards and …

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    Personal Branding for Minorities: Shining Even Brighter

    Some of us – and when we are courageous enough to speak up, we end up realizing that we are many many more that we initially think- grew up knowing that we were the odd one out in an often harsh and unwelcoming world. Or we learnt it abruptly as a result of a major …

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    The Day The Spotlight Is On You

    Many of us grew up in more or less protected environments, surrounded by the love and company of family and neighbors who knew us well. We effortlessly built up a network of friends and schoolmates as we progressed through the educational ranks until the time came to join the workforce. In this scenario, and especially …

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    The Four Aces of Online Personal Branding

    Many Generation Y and X folks with digital DNA are looking toward the online medium to build their personal brands. And this is without doubt a smart move on their behalf: the countless benefits and untapped potential that the Web 2.0 can offer for those serious about personal branding are too many to list. And …

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    The Spirituality of Personal Branding

    There are no objective reasons for spiritual folks to store any second thoughts or reticence toward personal branding as envisioned by Dan Schawbel and other personal branding luminaries. Far from it. In fact, engaging in the personal branding process can be of one of the most uplifting, rewarding and profoundly spiritual experiences of our lives. …

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    Why Personal Branding is Never About You

    Kind readers of Personal Branding Blog and other quality materials may be amongst the lucky folk whose antenna does not signal anything untoward when the issue of Personal Branding comes up. Sadly, for many with an untrained eye who have not had the chance to delve into personal branding as conceived by Tom Peters, Dan …

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    10 Reasons Why I Follow Back on Twitter

    Creating a successful and influential ‘Me 2.0’ persona presupposes a strategic use of the social media. Since our objectives and goals are multifarious, it is up to each and every one of us to make a number of well-thought-out decisions in the social networks to ensure that how we want to be perceived, how we …

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    Write a Book While Building Your Personal Brand

    Today, the line between marketing and writing a book has been erased; today’s social media makes it’s easier than ever to build your personal brand by writing a book. With a little planning, you can write your book while building your brand!

    Think of your book as a giant jigsaw puzzle; each of your blog …

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