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    Financial Services Branding: Where to Start

    When first diving into the realm of financial services branding, be sure to place your products or services at the center of any marketplace.

    You should put your products or services at the center of the marketplace. This is age-old advice on how to find customers and sell your products. Likewise, this applies even if you’re branding a financial services outfit or agency. It definitely applies if you’re looking to launch a new brand this New Year.

    To be …

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    4 Ways to Plan for Your Business in 2020 and Beyond

    In business, planning for the future is as difficult as it is necessary. Branding your business, just like building your personal brand, means you have to think about the long term. What works in establishing your brand today might feel stale tomorrow. It’s impossible to know what the coming year might hold for your company …

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    How to Ensure Product Safety and Avoid Recalls

    Ensure Product Safety and Avoid Recalls

    With a growing focus on consumer safety, manufacturers are working to ensure the efficacy of their products. Failure to develop products that are safe and user-friendly could result in monetary fines, loss of contracts and even mass recalls. In fact, an all-time high of 51 million vehicles were recalled in 2015 alone.

    The automotive industry …

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    Personal and Business Branding Through Community Service

    Briefing Work Meeting

    Building a brand is one of the hardest things a company can do. You know what “I’m lovin’ it” means. You know what a bright red cross means — but how those companies are able to go about creating their brands takes some ingenuity. It doesn’t need to be all flashy slogans and Super Bowl …

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