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    Eliminating “It’s Not My Job Attitudes” at Your Workplace

    The more client work I do the more creative I have to get.

    I find my clients’ continue to offer me unique opportunities to stretch my comfort zone as I try to stretch theirs’. It’s become a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

    Last week I was confronted with a situation where a client was challenged with a …

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    One of the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make

    Working for a large corporation I am accustomed to the same regular routine. If the previous year (or quarter or month) was a good one, then there is a brief period of celebration and recognition and then it’s on this year and how we need to “keep up the momentum” or make “this year the …

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    6 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed

    Is success relative?

    Shouldn’t success be defined by what we believe, rather than defined for us by what others think? When you look at different people who you believe are successful, what do they do and have in common?

    America’s Foremost Business Philosopher Jim Rohn believes, “failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do …

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