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    Become a Successful Realtor: First-Year Tips

    Realtors work long hours, get paid on commission, and must be outgoing and personable. These six tips can help any realtor achieve success.

    Realtors are a special breed of people. They work long hours, get paid on commission, and often need to be outgoing and personable…whether they “feel like it” or not.

    However, don’t let these realities scare you away from joining the real estate industry. There’s unlimited opportunity in the real estate market for those who want …

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    5 Ways Women Give Away Power

    The history of women in the workplace began 250 years ago with The Daughters of Liberty, the first society of working women that was organized to boycott British goods. In 1903, 138 years later, the first National Women’s Trade Union League was formed. This league advocated for higher wages and improved working conditions for women.…

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    Overcoming Rejection to Achieve Success

    Rejection sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, rejection is a part of success. People who avoid rejection don’t get hurt or disappointed, but neither do they feel accomplished or successful. No one likes to hear “no”, but you can’t achieve your goals without taking a risk. Here are some tricks …

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    Starting Your Own Business? Keep It Simple For Success!

    If you are one of those college graduates or career changers who wants to start your own business, here’s how to get started.

    Develop a business plan.  You can get help writing a business plan from the small business association.

    A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success.  This living document generally projects …

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    Are You Shifting and Growing With The Times?

    Recently, I met a highly successful 37-year-old who was one the youngest ever CFOs in Silicon Valley. “Jason” had an impeccable resume and his higher education was obtained from the most prestigious universities in the country. He was a gentleman who moved out of an impoverished neighborhood into one of high regard. Jason felt as …

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