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    Occupy Your Brand: Capture The Right Attention

    What started in New York as a demonstration against Wall Street has become an international protest movement primarily directed against social and economic inequality. I’ve had the honor of getting up close and personal with protesters in New York, Chicago and Denver – all of whom I found to be non-violent and simply attempting to …

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    Employee Turned Entrepreneur: Thinking of Taking the Plunge?

    As an employee turned entrepreneur myself, this is a plunge I have taken and coach clients on from a career, business, and personal level. With nearly 30MM job seekers, including 14MM unemployed, and a job search process that takes over 211 days to land a new job, it’s no wonder many professionals are wondering if …

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    Video Killed the Job Seeker’s Chances

    “Video Killed the Radio Star” led the charts in 1979 as the debut album for The Buggles and was the first music video shown on MTV at 12:01a.m. on August 1st, 1981. Video has now turned it’s destructive nature on unsuspecting job search candidates looking to amp up their brand with hot technology in hopes …

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    One Resume Change That Will Significantly Increase Your Results

    Remember the days of black and white TV? What about when couples read the newspaper over their morning coffee rather than flipping the virtual pages of the WSJ app on their iPads? Those days have passed, at least for most of us (my mom still watches black and white TV) and so has the resume …

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