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    Debunking Personal Brand Cultural Myths: Part 1

    Personal branding is relatively a new concept in many parts of the world. Many cultures feel it smacks of ‘western egoism’. As such, a big part of my job in Japan is to educate others about personal branding and the value it has for Japanese culture.

    If you ask Japanese if they have heard of …

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    Don’t Look Desperate During The Job Search

    When you’re desperately looking for work, that desperation screams to hiring managers during your interview. You’re eager in your answers. You stress that no problem is too big for you to handle, no request too crazy. You even try the occasional Jedi mind trick, just in case.

    It can be a little off-putting. So do …

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    Decisions! Decisions! How to Pick Out Your Tie

    Men face few choices when it comes to dressing for a job interview. Suits and shoes are always dark colors – black, gray, or brown. Shirts are typically white or blue.  The real difficult choice is which tie to wear.

    When I was interviewing for jobs, I always tried to match my tie to the …

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    The Art of Reciprocity in Interviewing

    Interviews should be a dialogue. Interviews should be a conversation. Interviews should be a chance for each party to get a feel for the other. Fortunately, smart companies have changed interviews from what they were in the past. Interviews are no longer just about the needs of a company to fill a role. They have …

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    Sales Techniques Develop Career Opportunity

    “The shortest distance between two points is a diagonal line.” How would you like to find your diagonal in securing your desired job?

    Using sales techniques, it’s possible. “Prospecting” to “Fill the sales funnel” increases the possibilities and decreases the time to secure your desired job. Here are proven sales techniques:

    1. Practice speaking in …

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    What I Learned When I Lost My Job

    No one likes to admit they’ve lost a job. It could be performance issues, personality issues, or even the company performing mass layoffs. Everyone loses a job now and then, but that doesn’t mean we like to admit it.

    We’d rather quit in a blaze of glory that leaves upper management standing there, mouth agape, …

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    5 Tips for Protecting Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has become arguably today’s most valuable job searching tool, providing it’s users with endless possibilities for networking, connecting with colleagues from the past, and promoting and developing their businesses. But did you ever stop and think that the way in which you use LinkedIn could actually hurt your job search prospects?  Well it can!  …

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    Looking for a Job? Leave No Stone Unturned

    We are creatures of habit – we get comfortable with certain TV channels, websites, and magazines, and we tend to stick with them.  When it comes to looking for a job, we tend to take the same approach, and most of us go with what we know and stick to it.  You can increase your …

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    Intuition: Your Greatest Unknown Ally

    A few days ago I had the great privilege to lecture on personal branding at one of Spain’s leading Universities. After the event – and as it is customary to do in that country – I was lucky to enjoy the late evening and more bearable sunshine sheltered under some trees in an open terrace …

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    Networking For Ever

    Would you like to know one of the best yardsticks with which to measure the success of your personal brand? Here it is: the quantity and the quality of your contacts. Since the success of our personal brand and by extension of our career always relies on others – it will be others who will …

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