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    While In-Transition You Still Have a Brand

    More than ever, when you are in transition you should have a brand. Why? you ask. Because that is how you differentiate yourself and stand out from the proverbial crowd.

    Branding is not about what you like but about what employers like. Your branding statement—whether in writing, on the Internet, or spoken via your elevator …

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    What to Do With Your Brand When in Transition?

    You are a successful professional, known as an expert in your field, and valued in your circles of colleagues and partners. Your brand is solid.

    But now you’re up to something new. Maybe you’ve gone from being an engineer to being a training consultant, from working in a public school system in Europe to working …

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    Why Do You Brand Yourself As A Desperate Candidate?

    Few of us would brand ourselves as desperate on purpose. But many job seekers brand themselves as desperate without even knowing it.

    Many traditional “tried and true” job search tactics can brand you as desperate today.

    Why are tactics that used to be commonly accepted (even appreciated), now considered as desperation moves?

    When the job …

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    Branding Yourself For A Career Change

    One of the main reasons you’re having difficulties changing careers is how you brand yourself.

    You’re not used to the idea that branding makes such a big difference for a career change.

    The last time you changed careers, we were in a candidate shortage. Since there were candidate and skill shortages, you just had to …

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    3 Reasons Your Resume Brands You As A Commodity

    You wouldn’t describe yourself as a commodity, would you?

    You especially wouldn’t describe yourself as a commodity when looking for a job – Who would say in a job interview, “You should hire me because I’m exactly the same as everyone else?”

    So you’re probably thinking, “I’d never write a resume that makes me look …

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    Career Accomplishments Make A Powerful Brand Statement

    “I’m having difficulty delivering my personal brand statement because I feel like I’m bragging and that’s hard for me,” said Marc during our video interview coaching session. Marc is an accomplished senior executive being pursued by Fortune 100 and global growth-focused companies alike. The experience of feeling like a personal brand statement is bragging is …

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    Branding Has To Be Part Of A Career Success Plan

    In a less secure professional world than anyone has ever known, you need a tougher, more pragmatic approach to managing your professional life.  It’s time to stop thinking of yourself simply as a job title and an employee, because this point-of-view has you psychologically shackled to entities that can, and will, dispose of your services …

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