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    Building a Celebrity Brand Through YouTube

    As an aspiring entertainer, it used to be that you spent every waking moment working toward your dream, with only a small hope of ever bearing the fruits of your labor. For a musician, singing at dive bars and airport lounges, sending demos to record labels, and praying that someone in the industry could see …

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    Career and Personal Branding Advice From Male Celebrities

    You’re fed up with the job market right now or you’re feeling stuck in your career, with nowhere to go, and you’re out of people to complain to. If so, then you’re probably watching your favorite show on TV, or browsing Hulu.com because you’re too cheap to purchase cable. Either way, you watch, listen, and …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Wendy Diamond

    Today, I spoke to Wendy Diamond, who is the founder of Animal Fair, the premier lifestyle magazine and author of It’s a Dog’s World. Wendy is a great example of a someone who has positioned herself as a leading expert in her field. In this interview, Wendy talks about how she’s built a successful animal …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Jordan McAuley

    Today, I spoke to Jordan McAuley, who is the “King of Celebrity Contacts” and the author of Celebrity Leverage.  In this interview, Jordan tells out the ways to get celebrity endorsements, how he got involved in this niche, his impressions of personal branding and a few success stories.

    What are your top 3 ways to…
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    5 Ways to Classify Your Brand Using a Media Personality Scale

    If you are like me and pick up your remote to watch…I mean flip through…reality trash television to find something decent on TV, you will probably notice a SLEW of talk show hosts and other personality-driven shows. It seems like every other channel has some form of chat or strong personality.

    Some of these hosts, …

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