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The Personal Branding Content Lifecycle

Creating a credible and influential personal brand requires that you create remarkable content. Here is a flow chart that details the different stages of the personal branding content lifecycle. Use it to help you understand the different stages and how to use each stage more effectively as you create the brand called you.

Enhance Your…
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The Personal Branding Inflection Point

Have you ever wondered what the job marketplace will look like a few years from now? It is intriguing to think about because we have arrived at a huge inflection point in the marketplace for businesses,  entrepreneurs, careers, and jobs.

I like to think of inflection points as points in time when everything changes. Things …

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Personal Branding Tip: Stop Trying to Control Your Employees and Brand

Are you worried your corporate marketing department and lawyers are going to stop you from creating your personal brand? If you are, this post is for you and for the corporate control freaks fighting a fool’s battle.

The marketing department has lost control of the brand

When I write and talk about personal branding, quite …