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    Are You Your Past or Are You Your Future?

    As a career coach, I’ve heard many of my clients start with, “Well, I want to do something totally different from what I’ve done so far.” This attitude indicates that you are ready for change. That you want to find a new path because you either don’t like where you are right now or you …

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    Parent Entrepreneurs: When the Personal Crowds Your Personal Brand

    This is the second in my series of mommy entrepreneur profiles. But I need to rename this series because of the feedback I got from said “mommies.” The phrase mommy entrepreneur didn’t sit well with them. My goal was to conjure up images of innovative female businesswomen carving out new ways of integrating work and …

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    Taking A Career Leap: Lessons From The Space Jumper

    Let’s face it: Taking a career leap can be a scary time. You’re jumping into the unknown — whether that’s a first job, career change, huge promotion, or new venture. But it’s good to know that getting to the edge isn’t always a bad thing.

    Take Felix Baumgartner, for example. The Austrian daredevil has created …

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    Writing Your Personal Brand Bio When You Change Careers

    How do you redefine yourself professionally, when you’ve spent several years getting it down pat the first time?

    Timothy Brandt posed that question — sort of — to me and my Branding Yourself co-author Kyle Lacy last week on Twitter.

    How can I start my IT bio when I received experiences from business positions?

    For …

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    Personal Brands Celebrate!

    By now you’ve probably amazed yourself with your ability to stick to your resolutions! LOL.

    Don’t worry. Now is NOT the right time to assess how 2010 is going – or how you’re doing. The only thing to judge during week two of the year is this:

    Do you have a clear, crisp, compelling focus …

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    Live in the Moment Because it’s Never too Late

    I just had dinner with my good friend Theresa who works at one of the Big Four Accounting Firms.  She doesn’t love her job, but she doesn’t absolutely hate it either because it pays the rent.  Times are tough, and her firm is going to have a massive layoff next week, and she might be …

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