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    Make Doing the Right Thing Your Personal Brand

    The true test of character is doing the right thing even when no one sees.

    Eight days a week you will encounter temptation to break your personal code of conduct of doing the right thing. One college conducted a sting to test cheating. Of the 600 students who took the test one-third cheated. When a …

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    Entrepreneurial Vision? Take A Crappy Sales Job

    They call them “churn” positions, sales jobs where there is an expectation that most will be unsuccessful. They are horrible places to work and you’ll likely burn out before the end of your first year. I’m going to recommend that you take one of these horrible jobs before you ever think of becoming an entrepreneur.…

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    ARC: Awareness and Respect (build) Character

    Am I a grumpy old man at age 58?  Am I feeling like Rodney Dangerfield who “never got any respect?”  Am I old-fashioned and, as Jethro Tull might suggest, Living in the Past? My questions have to do with, what I perceive to be, a lack of respect in America today.

    I am sitting in …

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