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    Personal Brand Equity

    I spent the better part of an afternoon recently having a conversation with someone on my Southwest flight back from the East Coast.  Like many of us who travel frequently, I was bored, restless and looking for something to occupy my time.  Keep in mind, the battery in my Kindle was dead and I was …

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    Personal Branding is a Contact Sport

    In the age of ubiquitous social media, I find that so many people lose sight of the fact that developing a personal brand involves real relationships with actual human beings.  Technology has become “comfort food” for far too many of us in developing Me Inc. similar to popcorn at a movie theater.  It is so …

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    Welcome to our Team

    By virtue of reading this blog, you are a member of an elite community.  You may never have an opportunity like the one you do right now to learn, share and grow with me and other authors in developing your personal brand.

    Knowledge without action is great for conversations at barbecues and cocktail parties.  You …

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