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    Six Dynamic Ways to Serve Your Clients

    Creative Marketing

    Client service, broadly defined, means supplying your customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it, in a friendly and professional way. Client service is a vital ingredient in any business. In fact, a good service interaction can hike business-to-business transactions by 62 percent. It can raise business-to-consumer transactions by …

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    Employers Really Act Stupid at Times

    Strength Weakness

    As a career coach, I’m often asked to help job seekers evaluate more than one job offer that they’ve received within a short time period. Such a phenomenon is happening more often than logic would bear: a job seeker searches for months and months without luck, and then all of a sudden, two or even …

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    Unusual Places Provide Unexpected Opportunity

    Have you ever wondered what others were thinking when they asked you to attend the most unusual events far from the professional style to which you are accustomed?

    Not the traditional venue

    Earlier this year, I was asked to speak on the topic of Negotiation at a conference in Reno. On the one hand, I …

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    Bridging Their Story To Yours Increases Results

    Today we begin with the end of the story and then progress to the beginning. Why? The proper sequence of events builds your brand and this is the knowledge we wish to share first.

    3. Differentiating yourself from everyone else brings out the unique you ~ your brand.

    2. Working so that everyone feels they …

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    Turn Stress into Relief

    Building your brand, researching jobs, and seeking new clients are natural stress builders. When we allow stress to overtake our more relaxed style, it adversely affects our marketing communication messaging that we put out into the world.

    Following a very bad economy many people are truly stressed out about acquiring a new job. “Carol” shared …

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    3 Keys to Create Increased Success in the New Year!

    The transition to entrepreneurship is not an easy one. Personally, I was accustomed to having a team around me with whom I could confide challenges, ask for advice and discuss new ideas to improve my selling effort. I found being a solo-preneur lonely and filled with much uncertainty.

    Through the years I endured many trial …

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    Are You Working to Make This a Better Planet?

    When I began business, I aspired to helping communities at large overcome the difficult learning curve of business and sales by sharing what I know to work well. My desire has always been to help others become successful in a shorter period of time. The subset of this is to give a percentage of earnings …

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    Scheduling and Rescheduling: Pointers to Build Relationships

    Hectic is the only way to describe everyone’s schedule today. Those still working are doing the job of at least 3-4 people, which affects interview and sales appointments. Entrepreneurs are trying to stay above water. So many have over-extended themselves. Consequently, rescheduling has become a necessity more than ever.

    However, some people choose to ignore …

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    Are You Collecting the Honey?

    Have you ever watched bees gathering honey?

    Putting the work forth

    In order to see sweet signs of success in your near future, honestly ask yourself if you are putting the work in to collect the honey? The idea came to me today as I admired the colony of bees undisturbed doing their magic on …

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    Capitalize on Who You Are!

    We all hear talk of going into endeavors that follow your passion and talent whether interviewing to become an employee or building a business, and from this to build your brand. This morning, mine came to light causing me to laugh!

    Upon the publication of my second book, HIRED! How to Use Sale Techniques to …

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