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    9 Easy Ways for College Students to Start Networking

    college students networking

    Are you a student trying to get familiar with the ways to network in college? Want to get your foot in the networking door? It’s the right time!

    According to Yahoo News, about 85% of jobs today are filled with networking. What’s more, employment opportunities provided through networking have better quality and pay scale.

    Social …

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    6 Top Paying Jobs for College Students

    Top Paying Jobs for College Students girl on laptop

    Being a college student is not an easy job, but add to that looking for a job when you are a student and it’s a lot to balance. You may not have much work experience yet, but you’re likely full of energy and ambitions to show yourself.

    When looking for a top paying job as …

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    Follow the Bouncing Ball

    If you’ve job hopped a lot, you’re in really good company. The average person changes jobs 11 times within 32 years, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hence, your average tenure at one workplace will be slightly below three years, as reported by economist Chuck Pierret who has followed 10,000 workers since 1979.…

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    Take Your Personal Development Online

    I’ve been reading the Personal Branding blog since it began.  I only wish it had been around when I graduated from college and started my first job at a New York-based PR agency in 1998.

    I thought I would climb the ladder quickly and be promoted in a year, no sweat. Unfortunately, things didn’t work …

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    Personal Brands: Change Your Channel

    You probably believe you’ve dialed in reality by now. You know how you roll and how the world turns. You think it’s a rat race or a breeze, chaotic, or linear.

    You may even think you know who you are in the hearts and mind of people who meet you and interact with you.

    How …

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    MSNBC Misunderstands Role of Social Media in Job Search

    Last week, MSNBC published an article called “Social Networking seldom gets new grads hired.” It argues that social media is not an effective way to land a job. However, it truly only makes the case that many people aren’t taking advantage of the tools available to them.

    The article misses the point about how social …

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    Personal Brands: UCLA Wants You

    On Saturday and Sunday, April 17 and 18, I am producing the first ever Personal Branding Bootcamp on the UCLA campus. The program director of UCLA Business & Management Extension called to say the event is almost full, so if you want to come, we’d love to have you – but please hurry and register.…

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    Personal Brands: Sweat It Out

    What’s the best job you could land as your first foray into the working world once you’re out of college? The answer isn’t the coveted paid internship at Google.  It isn’t investment banking on Wall Street, although you may be tempted when the sequel returns Gordon Gecko to the big screen. And, avoid “consulting” since …

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    Personal Brands are Today’s Leaders, Not Tomorrow’s

    Ouch. I keep reading about personal branding being a tool that sets you up to be tomorrow’s leaders. Why do old people always say this to young people? And, why do young people repeat it?

    Does anyone wake up in the morning and say, “I hope I’ll be tomorrow’s leader.” When they wake up the …

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    The Excellence Equation: Passion and Commitment

    When someone seems stuck in their career and unsure of their next step, a question they’re often asked to answer is, “What are you passionate about?” That seems like a logical starting point. After all, when you’re working on your passion, whatever it is, the belief is that you’ll enjoy yourself more and be more …

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