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    Personal Branding Interview: Lindsey Pollak

    Today, I spoke with Lindsey Pollak, who is a good friend of mine and fellow Gen-Y career guru.  She wrote a book called Getting from College to Career and has several columns in big media outlets, in addition to speaking and consulting.  In this interview, Lindsey talks about what she’s learned from speaking to college …

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    How Adding a Tailored Sound Bite to My Resume Doubled Interview Requests

    Have you ever watched stars on the red carpet? When they are interviewed, there is one universal theme to their answers – Short and Sweet. Memorable. Quotable. Also known as the Sound Bite.

    Personal branding sound bite

    I recently added a “Profile” section to my resume, which serves as my personal branding sound bite to …

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    Personal Branding on Display

    What if you were applying for a job and as part of the application, you have to write a post for the company’s blog?

    There are no other requirements for the post and you can write about anything you want.

    This is actually happening right now at an innovation consultancy in Richmond, Virginia! The company, …

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    Personal Branding in the Classroom?

    I had a discussion with a friend late last night. He is an old roommate and is now in Japan doing his last semester of law school. While he is a regular reader of my blog, he actually finds personal branding very hard to understand. I’m still trying to determine whether that’s a factor of …

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    How to Get Into the College of Your Dreams and Hack it

    Today, I spoke with Cal Newport, who has already written two books for college students, and has a great blog on how to hack college.  Cal has a lot of knowledge when it comes to how to succeed at college, make the most out of your time in college and how you brand yourself as …

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    Part 2 of 3: Teachers Talk About Social Media in the Classroom and Personal Branding!

    This is part 2 of 3 in a series where I talk to two college teachers about their use of social media in the classroom.

    In part 1, they discussed why blogs are important in classrooms and the advantages of using blogs as a learning vehicle. Today’s discussion is around the relevancy of “Blackboard,” which …

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    Part 1 of 3: Teachers Talk About Social Media in the Classroom and Personal Branding!

    I’m starting a three part series on how social media influences the classroom and can provide value to both the professor and student, in an educational setting. To do this, I found two teachers that “get it” and have used blogs for student collaboration and skill development. They also feel it is an innovative and …

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    College Student Clash: How to Find Balance When Building a Professional Yet Realistic Brand

    Today’s guest post is by Rebecca Corliss, who is a young professional from Boston. She is a recent graduate of Boston University, beginning a new career in technology PR. She’s dabbled in violin, clarinet, guitar and piano– and even began her college career majoring in music before her switch to PR. Her new blog, “Music …

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    Personal Brand Stereotypes #8: Choose Your Major Wisely

    The number one most important factor to employers selecting entry-level candidates is their major (44%). I think it’s pretty obvious why this carries the most weight. If you are a finance major applying for an entry-level position in marketing, it may be challenging to convince them that your experience and learnings can apply to that …

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