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    Secret to Success: Do More, and Do It Better

    Instead of trying to get comfortable in your job, try to get constantly uncomfortable. Seek out problems, look for potentially painful experiences, approach the scariest people, juggle more balls than most people handle, and put an extra percentage of “umph” into everything you do.

    You will likely find that you can do what you never …

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    9 Ways Brands Can Find the Right Social Platform

    Social Media Branding to attract new clients With so many different social platforms, and often not enough time in a day to have a strong presence on every one of them, how do you identify which venues are the most appropriate for your audience and branding needs?

    The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization …

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    4 Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Business


    Expanding your business can be a challenging time. When you’re opening a new store, taking on new clients or looking for ways to grow the number of products or services you offer, you’re going to feel like you’re under quite a bit of pressure. However, if approached appropriately, that pressure can push you to be …

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