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    Making a Name for Your Personal Brand

    In a time where virtually every word imaginable has been used in the creation of a brand name, many entrepreneurs and business owners are finding it difficult to get ahead. The fact is that startups now have to compete on a global scale, increasing the odds of there being some heavy competition against your personal …

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    Beyond ‘Engagement’ in the Social Media

    A new buzzword is hovering over the social media universe. It has been repeated mantra-like so many times (and one wonders whether with or without full awareness of its far-reaching implications) that ‘engagement‘ has ceased to be a means to an end in the eyes of many and surprisingly become the ‘raison d’être’ of every …

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    Tips for Saving Time while Building Your Personal Brand

    Are you one of the many who use lack of time as a reason to put-off building a personal brand by writing provocative thought leadership articles, books, starting a podcast, frequently updating your blog, or submitting guest posts on other blogs?

    If you don’t have the time now, when will you have the time?

    Lack …

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