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    The Elevator Pitch Checklist

    Elevator Pitch
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    Is Your Elevator Pitch Effective?

    Elevator Pitch
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    Compel Your Brand’s Audience With Great Content to Make a Purchase

    Visual Content

    A well planned and compelling content marketing strategy can bring in more leads and sales for your personal brand. In order to effectively reach your community you need to put forth a message that causes your readers to want to take action.

    Content that converts into sales is original and appeals to the needs of …

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    Making a Name for Your Personal Brand

    In a time where virtually every word imaginable has been used in the creation of a brand name, many entrepreneurs and business owners are finding it difficult to get ahead. The fact is that startups now have to compete on a global scale, increasing the odds of there being some heavy competition against your personal …

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    How to Increase Traffic with Highly Shareable Content

    The surefire way to drive traffic to your website is to publish highly shareable and engaging content. Not only does this help enhance your SEO rankings, but also the higher social curation — provided it’s being shared — means that more people will see it. In turn, this will naturally increase your traffic, leads and …

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    The 3 C’s of Effective Engagement

    This post is relatively short by design. It’s focused on three things that are both easy and hard to do. I hope you can use them for your end of the year planning and for your 2013 goal setting.

    These are what I’m calling the Three C’s of Social Engagement.


    The ability to create, …

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    Content Marketing Strategy: The Power Role

    Here’s what your customers and prospects have: An endless amount of information available to them.

    Here’s what your customers and prospects don’t have: Time to sift through it all to determine what is most valuable.

    The power role in content marketing is the individual (or team) who aggregates mass amounts of subject-specific content, sifts through …

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    The Importance of Content in Internet Success

    I have always been blessed to have people around me that continue to push me into new ideas and new areas of conversation. I was having a conversation recently with a friend of mine and we landed on the topic of content. When it comes to content and Internet success my friend developed an equation …

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    3 Ways to Use Search and Authenticity in Personal Branding

    I was skimming through Chris Brogan’s posts and happened across a post called: A Counterpoint to the Branding Craze. This caught my attention because I am a huge advocate for branding, in both the personal and professional world.

    I have tried to use my blog to create a brand identity for myself and my company …

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    Talk About Who You Are Not What You Do

    When you read the title of this post it seems fairly simple right? Talk about who you are not what you do. Unfortunately it is not that simple nor that easy. I would bet my company on the fact that many people reading this post combine what they do with who they are (identity = …

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