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    Maintaining Your Online Brand When Things Go Wrong 

    Online brand emergencies may or may not be 100% our fault, but a business owner must nevertheless spring into action to mitigate the damage.

    Business owners are always called upon to work hard to maintain their online brand. We have to think very carefully about the words we use and how they contribute to — or detract from — our brand recognition.

    We’ll go to great lengths to create elaborate communication plans for our social media channels, website, and …

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    What to Do If Your Business Has a Fire

    Job Offer Questions

    Although many of us go through great efforts to fireproof our home, we rarely bring this outlook into the workplace. While there’s no replacement for a little bit of forethought and diligence, a fire at your place of business doesn’t have to mean the end of your company altogether. In fact, approximately 60 percent of …

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    Your Brand Under Attack: When ‘Goodyism’ Doesn’t Pay

    Nothing can be more precious to many of us than our personal brands, since they are often the result of sound strategy, countless positive interactions with others both online and offline and a proven record of delivering quality service to our clients and the community. However – and as our editor Maria Duron pointed out …

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    Getting Away with the CEO Swap

    So, Tony Hayward is being replaced as CEO of BP by an American. It’s not surprising to see that the company is doing whatever they can to minimize damage and public outcry. I’ve come to find it interesting that when a company gets itself in to serious trouble, that the “CEO Swap” is viewed as …

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