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    Modeling Alex Cora’s Approach to Create Your Championship Company Culture

    You would think that creating a championship culture is easy with athletes making multi-millions of dollars each season.

    But, in my experience, it is just as hard creating a championship culture in that environment as it is creating it in your company.

    Baseball managers have to deal with players that show up with attitudes, behaviors …

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    8 Ways the Best Places to Work Are Nailing Culture

    Coworking Bonding

    What sets your company apart from others in the same field? You probably have something up your sleeve about how you provide the best service or amazing contracts for your clients, but what makes you different for your employees? Your sole focus shouldn’t be on attracting new customers, after all. Making sure you’re set up …

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    5 Ways to Assess Cultural Fit Before Accepting a Job

    Job Hunting

    When you land a job interview, you research the company’s website to see how you’re a good fit for them. You make note of the prospect’s history and accomplishments, prepping yourself to acknowledge the company’s good qualities and figuring out how you’ll sell yourself as a positive contribution to the team in your interview.

    When …

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    Objectively Evaluate Your Job Offers, Not Emotionally

    working together

    Before you start getting job offers start a list of all the factors about a job that are important to you. List them down the left side of the page. Things like: -title -money -commute -potential for advancement -number of people to manage -budget size -flexibility of schedule -outside learning opportunities -dress code -culture -global …

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