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    4 Strategies for Improving Your Customer Service in 2022 

    improving your customer service

    What makes a business successful? Some would say great products, others might argue it’s great employees. And while both of those are extremely important, they aren’t what keeps a business running. To truly be successful, you need to have loyal customers, and improving your customer service keeps them loyal.

    Globally, 96% of consumers agree that …

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    4 Ways to Increase Customer Renewals

    American companies lose nearly $140 billion annually to avoidable customer churn — that’s a number that would be frightening if it didn’t make so much sense. Businesses lose customers all the time, and it’s not always for good reasons. 

    Regular customer renewal is critical to business. It’s no secret that taking on a new customer …

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    Boost Your Sales Performance with These 11 Tips

    Coworking Agreement

    The sales profession is a fast-paced, constantly adapting industry with an onslaught of new competitors and niches. As a result, it’s vital for sales professionals to strive for continuous improvement. 11 ways to improve your sales performance and reduce the cost of selling include:

    1. Emphasize Vision and Clarity

    A thorough understanding of your business …

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    Small Business Customer Service and the Minimum Wage

    Conservative and progressive economists continue to debate the impact on small businesses of increasing the minimum wage.

    Conservative and progressive politicians continue to argue the issue to chart their political futures.

    While they all drone on, a significant number of low wage employees struggle to make ends meet while being asked to bring a positive …

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    Linking Social Media and Customer Service

    You know social media is important, and you’ve no doubt discovered just how detrimental it can be to your company to simply ignore the status quo. After all, according to Upwork, 70-90% of all of your customers use it. Though you may only utilize its features to get your company’s information across, don’t neglect the …

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    7 ways to WOW your customers

    At a recent outing in San Francisco, I stopped at Burberry to shop. Most experiences I’ve had shopping at places have been OK, some great; but rarely do I have an experience where I need to tell the world just how spectacular it was.

    By providing over the top, knock your socks off service to …

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    Role PLAY versus Real Conversation

    Admittedly, I’m the lone ranger when it comes to sales trainers believing role-play is a great way to teach others to sell best. In my opinion, role-play is just that – play, or playing a game.

    Typically, salespeople seek the way to win approval, a sale, or the game. Accordingly, they try to formulate their …

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    Does Your Customer Service Policy Support Your Brand Vision?

    Before there was unlimited long distance, phone service carriers battled for customers by offering the lowest prices in long distance service. During that time, I was an MCI customer who spent a great deal of time on the phone. One day, I saw an MCI commercial that offered a lower per minute long distance pricing …

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    Streamline Processes to Experience Increased Profit

    Are you monitoring wasted time and money?

    Salespeople are advised that clients purchase when, in addition to the trust factor, they realize they are able to save time and money. An added element for building trust is to become a business consultant versus pushing to sell something.

    Leading by asking questions is vital for you …

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    Eliminate Costs for Increased Profit

    “The check is in the mail is not always a good thing!”

    While many anxiously await the mail for a desired check or notification of having won the lottery, receiving a check is sometimes a bad thing and reflects very poor business practices. In fact, entrepreneurs may take many lessons from giant corporations who waste …

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