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    How to Easily Build Business

    Are you okay?

    Answering the question asked of me while on an appointment, I smiled.

    First let me describe the scenario. The person with whom I was meeting, “Giselle”, is of very high energy. And here I was at the table, hanging onto every word she said and responding in a friendly, laid-back style asking …

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    Why And How To Wow Your Customers

    World-class customer service is the best business development strategy of all-time.

    When you exceed customers’ expectations, they will continue to buy from you, and they will tell their friends to buy from you as well. Renewals and referrals create a solid foundation for a profitable business.

    When I worked for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, our …

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    How to Become the Preferred Vendor

    Work to serve your clients

    There is nothing magical about the answer but there are a number of steps to adhere to so that your clientele knows you have their best interests in mind. The principal is key to building business but unfortunately most often these steps are ignored.

    Take the time on appointments and …

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    Transform Appreciation into a Returning Clientele

    On a personal note, I always enjoyed services provided by “Georgette”. She excels in her field, is fun to talk with and always expresses her appreciation for my business. To my surprise, I received an unusually sweet note of appreciation in the mail from her in honor of the holidays. Why am I sharing this …

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    How to Save Face When Things Go Wrong

    In my professional life I have found that when one mishap occurs with a client several more will follow. The succeeding chain-of-events tend to be embarrassing and aggravating. Worse yet, we sometimes feel like never showing up for business again. But we all know that won’t work, so what will?

    “Be strong” is the slogan …

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    5 Strategies to Boost Sales for the New Year

    1. Your favorite client

    Out of all of the clients you currently have, who is your favorite and why? This question is important on a number of levels. The first reason is, in my opinion, as long as you work, you may as well enjoy it as best you can.

    Seriously consider the traits of …

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    No Matter the Job, You Can Build Your Brand

    Some people have a tendency by some to look down upon more entry-level jobs; jobs like retail, food service, cleaning or landscaping. Most of us have held these types of jobs at some point in our careers. While these jobs are not renowned for being high paying resume builders – they do pose an opportunity …

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    Don’t Let a Storm Ruin Your Personal Branding Efforts

    I live at the now-hurricane-ravaged Jersey Shore–but you won’t hear me complain. I went six days without power, but that was the worst of it for me, to be honest. Areas of my town are devastated, and the town over has been nearly wiped away. I am blessed and beyond grateful to have survived and …

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    Live Your Brand–Don’t Just Create It

    When you’re in business for yourself, how you act is just as much of your personal brand as how you brand yourself.

    In branding yourself, most people typically come up with a few words that kind of emulate or define their brand. Those words, however, aren’t good for much if you aren’t “living” them out. …

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    Create Solutions Earning A Returning Clientele

    A quality relationship is what sells in the business environment. We previously spoke of one major error made by many businesspeople, and that is settling for an immediate sale. Changing the thought will dramatically drive better results. Foremost, give consideration to the distant vision of you prospect. At the same time, reflect upon expected long-term …

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