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    Three Tricks to Get Your Email Opened

    We all know that getting over the inbox hurdle can be a challenge. Whether you are trying to land an informational interview, a sales call or a job interview, getting your email opened is the first step to success.

    The challenge is that people routinely get dozens – even hundreds – of emails in their …

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    AOL Email Address Brands You As Technologically Obsolete

    Your email is often the first thing an employer sees about you, so it forms part of your personal brand.

    Many job seekers don’t think their email address matters. These are the same job seekers who unknowingly make it difficult to be found by email address for their job search and unknowingly brand themselves unfavorably.…

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    Make Sure ‘Professional’ Email Address Doesn’t Negatively Brand You

    Could it possibly be that something as commonplace and mundane, as the contact email address you include on official job-hunting correspondence, result in your personal brand being cast in a very negative light? You bet it can! Every single element, no matter how large or small, or apparently insignificant, of your personal branding “package” can …

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    Four Ways To Use Gmail To Build Your Network

    Gmail may be the social networker’s best friend, because nothing and I mean nothing, lets you connect so quickly, easily, and thoroughly with a new network like Gmail does.

    The free functions available

    For one thing, you can feed any email account into your Gmail account. I run my business account and three other personal …

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    Success Story: Build Your Personal Brand to Land Major Clients

    From time to time, I receive success stories from the Personal Branding Blog readers and those that have also benefited from reading Me 2.0, which was recently named to the New York Times job search summer reading list.  The most recent and interesting personal branding success story comes from Jason VanDusen, who is the Vice …

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    Professional and Personal Communication Across Generations

    Today, I wanted to discuss how different generations communicate. The more you understand how to reach people properly, the more successful you will be with responses. Imagine yourself as the receiver before you send messages. This discussion will wrap around new and traditional methods of communication and serve as a resource for you, prior to …

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