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    Four Steps To Onboard New Employees

    New Employees

    When it comes to integrating a new employee into an organization, the onboarding process plays an invaluable role. The employee onboarding process allows the new hires to break the ice & get familiarized with the company. It also allows companies to bring new employees up to speed and reach higher productivity levels.

    The onboarding process …

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    Team Building: Why Is It Important for Your Business?

    Team building increases the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel and improves employee interaction, one proven key to business success.

    Team building helps to create a team spirit among employees. Ideally, it consists of a set of measurable outcomes. The main task is to increase efficiency and effectiveness and improve interactions between team members, one long-established key to business success.

    One of the most compelling reasons for corporate team-building activities is to develop a “well-played …

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    Why Employer Branding is Important

    team branding

    Having a reputable employer brand is a must for an organization’s strategy because it has many non-visible benefits such as able to recruit better candidates, reduce hiring and marketing costs, and improve productivity. Therefore, for organizations, that are still in doubt about investing in employer branding, I’ve put together the below post so keep reading …

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    7 Ways Smart Companies are Engaging Employees

    Employee engagement plays an integral role in any company’s growth. When employees are motivated to excel and contribute to an organization’s success, it results in improved performance and productivity. However, engagement isn’t a one-way street. Employers must take action to engage employees, rather than expect them to be engaged with a mere list of tasks.…

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    Communicating Your Way To Higher Employee Engagement

    It has been said the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of communication.  As such, it should come as no surprise HR Solutions’ Research Institute has found a strong positive correlation between communication and employee engagement.

    When managers establish a culture of open and honest dialogue among their team members, the percentage of ‘actively …

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