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Personal Branding for Training Professionals

How do you promote yourself and share your knowledge and expertise without giving too much away? How do you make your potential clients understand how to do what you do, without giving them all the knowledge they need to do it without you.

You don’t. Share everything. Share it all.

For some people, this is …

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Three Secrets To Promoting Your Next Conference Talk

Speaking at a conference can sometimes be a hit or miss affair. You agonize over your slides and practice your talk, only to find that out of the 300 attendees, 10 of them are in your session. Hardly seems worth the effort. But other times, you find that you get more than half the people …

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Five Secrets To Write Outstanding Presentations

Want to write great presentations that leave your audience wanting more? Want to avoid Death By PowerPoint, but still need a slide deck?

The secret to outstanding presentations

Here are five secrets I use in creating outstanding presentations.

1) Start with the title.

I always start with titles similar to the ones I’ve done here …

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Rebranding Yourself When Your Job or Life Changes

I’ve faced a couple of career changes in my years, after fully vesting myself in my previous job, company, and position. The changeover has been difficult at times, as I had gotten to know a lot of people in that previous industry, and set myself up as an authority on my particular company’s product or …

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Share a Famous Name? How Do You Brand Yourself?

Vanessa Williams needs help with personal branding.

No, not that Vanessa Williams. She’s already famous.

Rather, Vanessa Williams (@prpeep), a PR professional in Pennsylvania. Last week, she tweeted Dan Schawbel and said, “Hey – would LOVE to see a post on personal branding for those of us who share a famous person’s name.” So, here …