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    You Can Expect What You Inspect


    The things you care about you will pay attention to.

    That’s the point of this post.

    There is an old saying from the manufacturing and statistical process control world that says you can expect what you inspect.

    Which, if you have read Dr. Stephen Covey’s books, you may recognize this as one of his seven …

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    What’s your Vector, Victor?

    Upside to Business

    Don’t worry. There will be no pop quizzes.

    However, there may be some reminiscing of the classic movie “Airplane”

    If you have never seen the movie “Airplane” you have more than likely heard some of the best lines over the years. If you haven’t seen it … Go ahead and watch it now. I’ll wait.…

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    Why You Should Focus On The Long Game

    Every day things come at us from all directions.

    Every day we are faced with a decision: What to do?

    That decision can be made much easier when you are Focused on your Long Game.

    When you know where you are going you can make conscientious decisions that impact YOUR plans and YOUR goals. This …

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