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    Why Setting Expectations is Critical at Work

    It’s often said that your employees don’t have to like you as long as they respect you. This is true, however, there are many pitfalls that will not only make your employees not like you, but lose respect for you as well. No one wants to be a bad boss, even if we don’t expect …

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    Brute Force

    Who annoys you?  Who frustrates you because they’re more successful than you but they don’t deserve it?  You’re smarter.  You work harder. You provide more value.  Yet, for some reason, they have achieved success and you might still be struggling … and it drives you crazy.

    Luck on your side?

    I’m obviously assuming that you …

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    Are Your Expectations Too Low?

    You get what you expect

    John was dying.  He knew he had months at most to live and, at age 68, he evaluated his life for the first time.  He remembered a quote from a book he read years ago by Neale Donald Walsch that went, “Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 50, most …

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