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    She’s Using Sassy Facebook Posts To Market Her Accounting Firm

    Rachel Michaelov is on mission build her accounting business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. You’d think accounting is boring, but Rachel’s Facebook posts, punctuated throughout the day with color and vibrancy show that she sees accounting quite a bit differently.

    I was clued into Rachel by Ramon Ray an entrepreneur and producer of the 14th …

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    How Interacting in Professional Groups on Facebook Can Help Your Brand Grow

    For years groups on Facebook have been a hub of activity, especially for brands. These are places where you can can actually help attract new Fans without paying for advertising. Groups can help build your personal brand’s visibility and create more social interactions.

    By engaging in groups that are relevant to your niche you can …

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    5 Ways to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

    An interview is a business transaction wherein the objective of the hiring manager (the person who has the authority to hire) is to make a selection among job candidates called in for interviews. A candidate has two challenges: first, to convince the hiring manager that he is the ideal candidate for the position, and second, …

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    Get More Exposure for Your Personal Brand with Facebook Messenger Bots

    With the growing popularity of social media messaging Facebook has once again become a good source for brands to reach their customers in a whole new way. When Messenger first launched it was more of a personal communication tool. Today it can be used to reach an audience through advertising and now programmed bots.

    Many …

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    What the New Facebook News Feed Updates Means for Your Personal Brand

    Over the last few years building a strong Fan base on Facebook Pages has become more of a challenge for personal brands. Since the latest updates to its News Feed online relationships have seen a decline. But the ability to build a strong community on Facebook is still possible.

    Today investing in ads has become …

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    10 Social Platforms Best Suited for Building Your Brand

    What is your favorite social media platform for enhancing your personal brand and why?

    The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs …

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    How Interacting in Professional Groups Can Help Your Brand Grow

    Facebook groups have been a a long-standing place where people meet, which is good news for brands. Pages have seen a decline in reach since the latest algorithm changes, but still remain a place for promoting your brand with the use of advertising. By engaging in niche groups you can build your fan base and …

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    Facebook Audience Optimization to Better Target Your Brand Audience

    Facebook was once a great way for personal brands to immediately start building an audience for their Pages. In the last few years algorithms have changed all of that, but a new feature aims to solve the organic growth problem.

    Many brands and businesses post content, images and video on Facebook as a way to …

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    OverTagging: Crime and Punishment

    Tagging is an essential part of a solid social media marketing strategy. It helps you interact with both your current audience and those you want to woo into your fold. However, there have been enough cases of overtagging that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have their own brands of justice when it comes to dealing …

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    7 Essential Tips for Better Storytelling

    The best storytellers lead the tribe.

    The best stories are short.

    The best stories are memorable.

    The best stories are actionable.

    239 Years Ago

    There was a story ready to be told. It was short, it was powerful. It was worth fighting for. Of course, I’m referring to the story that lead to the creation …

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