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    OverTagging: Crime and Punishment


    Tagging is an essential part of a solid social media marketing strategy. It helps you interact with both your current audience and those you want to woo into your fold. However, there have been enough cases of overtagging that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have their own brands of justice when it comes to dealing …

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    7 Essential Tips for Better Storytelling

    The best storytellers lead the tribe.

    The best stories are short.

    The best stories are memorable.

    The best stories are actionable.

    239 Years Ago

    There was a story ready to be told. It was short, it was powerful. It was worth fighting for. Of course, I’m referring to the story that lead to the creation …

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    Reading the Digital Smile

    Social meetings are as much about body language as they are about what’s said. Whether you’re aware of it or not, everything we communicate comes with a pairing of gestures, facial expressions and eye movements that tip us off to the truth behind the words.

    In fact, we look to nonverbal cues which are 12 …

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    If it didn’t happen by 19… that’s OK

    What did you come up with when you were 19 years old?

    Did it change the world?

    In case you missed it Microsoft just turned 40.

    Bill Gates was just 19 when he and Paul Allen founded the company. Whether you are a fan of Microsoft or not the vision and execution of their vision …

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    Can You Make the 10% Social Media Commitment

    How many followers do you have on Social Media?

    Would you be willing to make the commitment to meet 10% of them in person?

    How about 20% or even 50% of them? Would you be willing to make the time, the effort and the commitment to go out and physically meet at least 10% of …

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    GetGlue and GoodReads Don’t Promote Your Brand

    I hate GetGlue, even though I have an account. And I don’t use my GoodReads account except to keep track of books I want to read when I don’t have my little notebook handy.

    Why? Why do I dislike these two wildly popular social networks?

    Because they promote doing nothing so you can tell people …

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    2 Big Myths of Social Networks

    Near the end of two days teaching the Personal Branding Boot Camp at UCLA last weekend, I had to break bad news to my students.

    “I am afraid you’ve been misled. Seriously.”

    The job-seekers, managers, up and coming experts, athletes and others in the group stared back at me. Concern, disappointment, and worry went viral …

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    Burning Bridges Can Feel Good

    There is an old saying that goes, you should Never Burn a Bridge. I agree. While it might feel good to burn a bridge I think the advice is pretty good and should be followed … with some exceptions and suggestions.

    Generally I do think it’s better to stay above the fray and not burn …

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    With Facebook’s Social Job App, Time to Clean Up

    Now that Facebook has announced their Social Jobs app, it’s a good time for you to consider cleaning up your profile page and making other adjustments.  You’ve all heard advice about your Facebook profiles before – but if you’re going to take the next step and use Facebook to find a job – it’s time …

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    Does Facebook Subscribe Help or Hurt Your C-Level Branding?

    Facebook Subscribe for startup C-level executives: good idea or bad idea? Why?

    The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start …

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