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    5 Ways To Pump Up Your Career Muscle

    Your career is organic. It is a living, virtually breathing organism that needs to be nourished and exercised. Without attentive, continual care, you cannot expect your career heartbeat to remain vibrant and strong.

    To prevent career malnourishment, consider applying these five activities to your daily routine:

    1. Stop Weighing Down Conversations. Too many people, especially …

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    5 Strategic Tips for A Successful Job Search

    Ships of all sizes are built with one thing in mind: floating. Even if their hulls are breached, ships have a unique construction feature that allows them to continue floating. They are made of many compartments that can be sealed off in the event of an accident, to isolate what could otherwise be a dire …

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    Why You’ll Never Get A Job By Searching For One

    In the early days of internet job boards, I ran an experiment. I wanted to see how many jobs I could apply to in a day. I got on this kick because searching for jobs and thoughtfully applying for them was really, really boring.

    I found out that I could apply for about 70 jobs …

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    4 Secrets To Be Strategic About Your Job Search

    Spring came early this year to parts of the country, including my home state of Michigan. Now the job market looks to be warming up, too.

    Almost every week, I receive or read two or three reports showing hiring momentum is increasing. Manpower’s second-quarter Employment Outlook Survey showed “growing optimism” on hiring, with nine in …

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    Five Things A Billionaire Taught Me About Job Hunting

    Life is good if you are Reid Hoffman. The self-made billionaire was a part of the founding team at PayPal. He took his winnings from that expedition and went on to found LinkedIn. Hoffman knows what success is.

    I’d like to tell you that I’ve been chumming around with him; that in his jet somewhere …

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    How To Increase Your Visibility & Networking Quietly

    You’re not ready to go public with your job search, but you want to cultivate higher visibility in your industry and grow your connections to key decision-makers.

    Before you go pasting on nametags three times a week, take a couple of lesson in stealth networking. Then consider how your career moves will look to your …

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    How To Really Impress During A Job Interview

    Next to a root canal appointment, few things in life are as nerve inducing as the job interview. In this day and age, the face-to-face interview is typically the first time a prospective employee will speak to an actual person. This “actual” person literally has your career in the palm of their hand. They will …

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    Volunteering Your Way To A Job

    It’s no secret the job market is tough. But whether you’ve been unemployed for two months or two years, you can still gain new skills, fill gaps in your resume and network, all the while giving back to your community through volunteering.

    Long gone are the days when volunteering meant working in a soup kitchen …

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    7 Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager

    On the next interview you go on, I recommend that you take some control.

    Don’t let the hiring manager ask all the questions; ask your own!

    A good hiring manager will welcome your curiosity.

    Here are some examples of useful questions to ask the interviewer:

    1) Would you please describe purpose/mission statement & set of …

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    Holiday Parties: Make An Impression To Help Your Career

    Holiday parties may seem like a time to kick back and enjoy – and yet they also may be the best opportunities all winter to grow your network and add a little warmth to those who have helped you out, or may do so in the year ahead.

    After all there are plenty of holiday …

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