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    How To Build a Strong Social Media Influence

    There’s a lot you can do to improve your personal brand’s social media influence. When you persuade people, your visibility and authority will both rise as a result.

    How can your brand gain more recognition online? By forging meaningful relationships with individuals and leaders in your industry. Daily conversations can help your brand could generate …

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    The Art of Social Media Affecting SEO for Personal Brands

    Social Media SEO for Personal Brands

    Search engine marketing has changed quite a bit since mobile and voice search have emerged onto the scene, and many brands are left wondering which marketing methods work best to build visibility? Social media is a large influence in the way people look for information, and although this is not measured directly the social signals …

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    Why You Need a #PersonalHashtag Campaign

    The Big Idea: Social media is inundated with hashtags that do little more than describe our mood. Let’s turn the hashtag into a modern-day resume and use it promote ourselves with content of our choosing.


    With one furious hashtag, Kim Kardashian blasted TV host Katie Couric for questioning why the reality star is …

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    Using Google+ Hashtags for Your Personal Brand

    Hashtags have certainly proven their effectiveness as almost all social media channels have integrated hashtags in their systems. Recently, Google+ took a step in the same direction and introduced hashtags that are closely similar to those used by Twitter and Facebook. It is an interesting addition that will bring changes on how one can promote …

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