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    How the Illogical Process of Hiring Can Help YOU

    So, finally, you receive a call to schedule an interview.

    All your efforts have paid off. A person calls you to schedule another interview. This is a huge compliment! You were selected from dozens or, at times, hundreds of people who applied for the very same position. You typically feel elated on one hand and …

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    Black Friday and Employee Recruitment

    All employees want to recruit the best candidate and often, small business owners complain that they cannot convince talented candidates to work for them. Well, as a small business owner, did you ever think of applying Black Friday to your recruitment? If you are asking how you are going to do this, here is how.…

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    Hiring Opposite Keirsey Temperaments to Grow Your Company

    The problem most people have when hiring new employees is the tendency to hire people just like themselves. Engineering firms that need a marketer look for engineering-types with marketing experience. Creative types who need someone to manage the office look for other creatives who have operations experience.

    It’s a problem for many leaders — they …

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    How to Handle Rejection

    Rejection is a natural part of life.  Whether by someone we found attractive, our top college pick, or the sports team we didn’t make, we have all, at some point,  felt the pain and disappointment of being rejected.

    Nowhere is rejection more common than in job search. And just like every other aspect of the …

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    Don’t Bring Excuses. Bring Solutions

    Just in case you are wondering. Your boss hired you to reduce their workload. Not increase it. The more you can take off their plate the more they can do. Yes, that is delegation 101. When done right everyone grows with the business. When you have mastered your role you’ll get to be that hiring …

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    Do CEOs Scavenge Social Media Accounts of Job Candidates?

    As CEO, be honest — do you look at potential employees’ social media accounts? If yes, what is it you expect to see from someone you WOULD hire?

    The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. The YEC recently published …

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