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    Using the Job Boards to Grow Your Career

    It’s never been easier.

    The job boards are making it very easy to understand what roles are in demand and about updated job descriptions and skills are for today’s workforce.

    FACT: Millennials will change jobs four times by the age of 32

    This is not a slight to Millennials. It’s a fact of the modern …

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    Hiring Non-U.S. Workers

    Since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, employers are just as responsible as their potential hires for knowing and following the rules.

    This starts with routine collection and verification of documents that demonstrate a legal right to work. It also calls for non-discrimination between citizen and non-citizen workers as long as both have the …

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    How to Ruin Your Reputation in Human Resources

    Human Resources (HR) is a field that I love. I chose to pursue a career path in HR because I found the function to be the intersection between being able to help people and growing a business, two things that I am passionate about.

    But HR doesn’t always have a good reputation.  When I tell …

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    Some Hiring Managers Are Doing It Wrong

    As someone who has been on many a job search, I can tell you that the way people in this country are hired is broken. And the parts that aren’t broken, are needlessly rude and disrespectful.

    1. Hiring managers insist on receiving paper résumés in the mail.

    Paper résumés?! Seriously?! Who the hell still uses …

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    When Personal Branding, Social Media and Human Resources Collide

    Personal branding is all about positioning yourself as favorable to corporate recruiters, while HR’s job is to hire the top talent, position the company as the best place to work (employer branding), figure out benefits packages for employees and much more.  Social media has changed the way applicants and recruiters communicate with each other and …

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