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    The Brooklyn Bridge is For Sale. Wanna Buy?

    Every morning when I get to my computer, I’m amazed at how many companies have targeted me as someone in need of their products or services. I take it in stride, though, because in 99 percent of the cases, I’m of course not interested, and I know that the e-mail has been sent to a …

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    Interview Politics You Did Not Know About


    The politics of the interview may not be something new, but it’s certainly an aspect most job candidates are unaware of. Every organization exhibits some level of politics. Office politics has to do with the way some people manipulate relationships for self-benefit or other causes. But is it possible that such situations exist even before …

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    Cultural Fit: What Is It All About?

    Successful Networking

    Many articles point to the fact that the job interview is really all about the so-called cultural fit of the candidate, provided the skill and experience requirements are met as well of course. The thing is that in addition to the hiring manager, several other company members, too, are interviewing candidates to add their own …

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    5 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

    Job interviews aren’t only about impressing the interviewer; they’re about sparking a new relationship with your future employer.

    The key to a successful interview is to keep the interviewer talking. Sure, while you want to share why you’re the best candidate for the position, you also don’t want to dominate the interview. On the other …

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    The Job Interview—Morphed into Something Else

    Not too long ago, much-respected blogger Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim’s Strategy conducted a survey, clearly finding that interviewers’ number one concern is “fit with the company’s culture.” From other articles on that subject, too, it seems as if the old-fashioned “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your key accomplishments?” questions—even when answered well—are apparently …

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    Conventional or Behavior-Based Interviewing?

    A job interview has been scheduled for you, but do you know what types of questions you’ll have to answer? This is the dilemma most candidates face. Don’t panic. You can prepare for various types of questions, and I’ll give you a few hints later on. Most companies are using one or the other type: …

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    Are You Nervous before the Job Interview?

    Most people are nervous before a job interview. And that’s normal. A job interview is nothing less than an oral exam. In most cases, it is very important because the outcome could change a person’s future, milieu, income, and so on. But when large groups of people are asked whether they feel nervous before an …

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    One Face-to-Face Interview and You’re Out! Why?

    You worked diligently on your résumé and cover letter, polishing them to perfection. Then you submitted them both for a position you sought. Soon thereafter you received a screening call from the hiring company’s Human Resources Department. You evidently passed that test with flying colors because soon thereafter the hiring manager contacted you to set …

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    End Job Interview with a BANG!, Not a Whimper

    As the typical job interview comes to a close, and after the candidate has already been asked numerous questions, most hiring managers will wrap everything up with a final question for the candidate. How the candidate answers this question can dictate whether he or she leaves the interview with a BANG! or, more typically, with …

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    Save Time and Money When Interviewing Candidates

    Do you want to save time and money on interviewing? If your answer is yes, then read the rest of the article to find out how.

    Time has changed and technology has changed but companies are struggling to keep up with technology and still prefer to do things such as interviewing candidates the old way. …

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