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    How Unemployment Affects Your Personal Brand

    Being labeled “unemployed” is a unsettling, but unfortunately, it’s still a harsh reality for many people as we approach 2014. More than seven percent of people in the United States fall into this category.

    When you’re unemployed, you need to do everything you can to keep yourself motivated in your job search. You need to …

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    Develop the Perfect Personal Elevator Pitch

    A personal elevator pitch is a short summary to define you, to define what you are looking for. It is an important part of your personal brand because your elevator pitch should sell you successfully to prospective employers.

    The elevator pitch should include who you are, what your work experience is, and why someone should …

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    Why You Need to Include Soft Skills on Your Resume

    International Talent Management Strategist Dorothy Dalton recently wrote a compelling blog post: “The Hard Truth About Soft Skills,” which absolutely nails the value of soft skills in a career story resume.

    Dalton describes how resumes that come to her attention often do so based on the “high incidence of hard skills in the text,” but …

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    Endear Yourself to the Buyer

    Nobody likes to be a nobody, but unfortunately, that’s what you are at the beginning of the job search process, provided you’ve just joined the ranks of those in transition. Those who are the decision makers about your future do not initially know anything about you, so you have the chance to impress them, and …

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    Why Have You Changed Jobs So Frequently?

    This is another awful question brought to you by the same folks who invented: “What is your greatest weakness?” There’s a litany of these tough questions, so be prepared.

    You might be surprised that no matter what is on your resume, a recruiter can put you on the spot. Remember, perception is reality. One recruiter …

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    Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or Andy Williams would like you to believe.  For many, the upcoming holiday season is a wonderful time of the year – for those who are in a job hunt, it can be the most stress-inducing, dreaded, would-rather-skip-it time of the year.  With those holiday greetings …

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    Know What The Hiring Manager’s Thinking to Get Hired!

    Act and think like an insider to get hired! — Beth Kuhel

    How can you possibly know what the hiring manager is thinking and how could this help you if you did?  The answer is, you can’t know exactly what he or she is thinking but you can get a glimpse into their mindset, values, …

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    Talking Money: It’s All About the Benjamins!

    OK. It’s not ALL about the Benjamins. But they are important to most of us. Money discussions have been a consistent concern in job interview seminars I have conducted over the past six years and proper handling can offer the potential to add $10,000, $25,000, or far more to a job seeker’s annual income

    The …

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    We Judge with Our Eyes

    I am on vacation and not even on American soil. It is a vastly different milieu in almost every respect. I find myself continuously comparing, contrasting, judging, and labeling people. Of course, this continuous chatter is only in my head. I don’t share it with anyone, God forbid.

    But isn’t that what we do in …

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    Honey, I Shrunk the Job Market

    A fantasy of shrinking your family can be entertaining, especially if you know from the start that it is a Disney film intended to entertain the entire family. We love to be entertained — taken away from the real world for a while. But what about the real world of today’s job market? It is …

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