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    Controlling Bad Habits for a Successful Career

    Habits run our lives. Our behavior has a direct and profound effect on our attitude.

    Anyone can manage the good times and can cultivate the habits that promote well-being and success. However, every now and again, we gain bad habits that cause fatigue, depression, and create a significant barrier to success.

    When we act like …

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    Do You Want a Job or the Right Job?

    As a career coach, I talk mostly with two kinds of people: employed or in transition to another job. Sadly, people in both groups have one thing in common: most of them are unhappy. For those in transition, the unhappiness is self-explanatory, but why such a high level of unhappiness for those who are lucky …

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    Branding Yourself as the Applicant Everyone Wants

    The more job offers you have, the more control you have over your career path and the more flexibility you have when it comes to salary negotiation. The best way for any job seeker to acquire this leverage is through branding themselves as “the job applicant that every company wants to hire.”

    Knowing what the …

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    5 Tips for Filling Out Online Applications

    One of the most burdensome components of the job search process is filling out applications.  Even on paper, many job seekers don’t take the task of filling out the application seriously. While this administrative task is a nuisance – what you may not realize is that this is often your very first test when applying …

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